Membership Codes

In order to be affiliated with the Event Greening Forum, we require that members demonstrate a commitment to greening. Therefore we have a Code of Conduct that all members must subscribe to, and a Code of Ethics that corporate, supplier and professional service provider members must comply with. (Please refer to the membership categories here to see which category is applicable for you).


Code of Conduct

Applicable to all membership categories

1. Members of the Event Greening Forum shall contribute positively to the environment and host communities, as well as promote sustainability as defined as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations.”

2. The Event Greening Forum recognises and abides by the South African Responsible Tourism Standards and its Members are required to adopt the guiding principles of sustainable business practice that includes respect for human rights; practice of fair labour standards; care for the environment and a commitment against corruption.

3. Members of the Event Greening Forum shall actively reduce their environmental footprint and contribute positively to their host communities.

4. Event Greening Forum Members shall engage in activities that balance environmental, economic, and social goals through all stages of their planning, production and operational processes in a sustainable manner.

5. Event Greening Forum Members agree to adopt practices that minimise the negative environmental and social impacts associated with air quality; energy efficiency; water conservation; waste management; responsible purchasing; and social responsibility by rethinking, reducing, reusing, and recycling wherever feasible.

6. Event Greening Forum Members shall respect the privacy and professionalism of other members and shall not disadvantage the business activities of any other member, or impact negatively on the Forum.

7. Event Greening Forum Members acknowledge that a breach of this Code of Conduct may result in termination of membership in accordance with the Forum Constitution.


Code of Ethics

Applicable to corporate, supplier and professional service provider membership categories

Corporate, Supplier and Green Professional Members need to comply with the Corporate Code of Ethics in addition to the Member Code of Conduct.  The Event Greening Forum retains the right to request proof of compliance. The EGF shall apply this Code of Ethics as one of the criteria used in the selection of business partners and suppliers and strongly encourage that suppliers and their subcontractors/suppliers follow and support this Code of Ethics.

1. Legal and Ethical Requirements:

Forum Members shall comply with national and other applicable laws of the country in which they operate, including but not limited to those laws relating to labour, health and safety, the environment and the consumer.

2. Environmental Commitment:

EGF Members are expected to demonstrate a strong environmental commitment and aggressive efforts to protect and restore the natural environment. In this regard, Members shall:

  • make their environmental policy available (preferably on their website);
  • implement a management system which demonstrates their environmental commitment;
  • publicly disclose environmental impacts and activities through regular reporting;
  • eliminate toxic and hazardous substances from products and operations;
  • increase their operational efficiencies by minimising pollution and waste;
  • reduce use of natural resources including raw materials, energy and water;
  • take responsibility for proper waste management and any environmental problems associated with disposal of waste;

The EGF shall encourage Members and business partners to seek industry specific third party environmental certification in line with minimum government standards as a way to express their commitment to becoming more sustainable.

3. Social Commitment:

EGF Members are expected to demonstrate a strong social commitment and efforts to protect human dignity.
In this regard, Members shall:

  • promote human welfare and children’s rights;
  • treat workers with respect and dignity;
  • provide fair wages and comply with relevant labour regulations;
  • provide workers with a safe and healthy work environment; and
  • support the concept of fair trade and local economic development where possible.
4.Commitment to Continual Improvement:

EGF Members shall respect the EGF Code of Ethics; promote more responsible business practices and be guided by a commitment to continual improvement in all their business activities.

5. Termination:

The Forum Members acknowledge that a breach of this Code of Conduct may result in immediate termination of Membership.



A formal constitution has been compiled for the EGF and can be viewed here.