Eco-procurement made easy

One of the simplest and most effective ways to make your event more sustainable is eco-procurement: sourcing venues, products and services which demonstrate environmentally and socially responsible practices. This is why we have launched the Event Greening Forum Green Database, a centralised, searchable online resource hosting a range of eco-procurement options for events.

Supply chain management is vital; 20% of the suppliers will determine 80% of a company’s environmental impact.*

*Centre for Sustainability Excellence

The Event Greening Forum has put together a supplier database to assist with managing your green events.

Please note that the Event Greening Forum cannot be held responsible for any incorrect information supplied by the companies listed on this database. All company details have been listed based on information they have provided and in good faith that it is correct. Should you discover that a company is being dishonest with regards to its green credentials, please notify us via email to

How to use the Green Database

  1. Use the search bar or browse the categories to find a green venue, product or service provider for your event.
  2. Contact the listings that interest you, and ask them to verify how they can help your sustainability outcomes.
  3. Choose and use your favourite listings, and rate and review them afterwards.

Benefit 1

There are over 260 listings and growing, which cover a wide range of categories specific to events.

Benefit 2

Each listing promises a sustainable benefit, which could be environmental, social or both. Remember to ask questions to establish what these benefits are, to help you find the best fit for your needs and priorities.

Benefit 3

Bookmark your favourite listings so you can find them again, and use the rate and review tools to help the best companies stand out.