Sustainable Event Certification

Over the past three years, the demand for sustainable event certification has grown by over 200% as companies and organisations realise the corporate and brand value of more responsible eventing and meetings.

In 2017, the international standard for sustainable events (ISO 20121) was launched in an effort to encourage greener and more responsible eventing.

Globally, event certification is becoming big business with global events including the Olympics; World Cup and rock concerts all going green and being certified as such.


In South Africa…

Since 2006, event organisers have had the opportunity to certify their events and activities, including: Indaba, Meetings Africa, The Jacaranda Pops, Sisters with Blisters, GovTech, The King Four Launch, and many others.

With the increase in demand, there has been a lack of certification services in South Africa, and the EGF took a decision to create a mechanism to address this situation in the interests of a greener and more sustainable industry. Rather than becoming involved in the certification of events, the EGF decided to create an environment that allows the private sector to provide this service and then offer recognition of private labels against a set of technical specifications.


The EGF Technical Standard is born

In 2019, a technical team was established to develop a set of standards and criteria against which the efficacy of private certification labels could be measured before being approved and recognised by the EGF.

The purpose of the technical specification is to provide operators of third-party event certification scheme(s) a framework against which their criteria, methodology and administrative processes meet the requirements for recognition of such scheme(s) by the EGF.

The Technical Specification is guided by and is inclusive of the following normative references:

  • The EGF Responsible Event Standard (2016)
  • ISO 20121 (2012) – Sustainable Event Management and Certification
  • Established Industry Best Practice

It covers six categories that must be reflected in any certification system that seeks EGF recognition:

  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Operations
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Reporting


All Certification Labels Must:

1. Develop and provide a Criteria Interpretation Guide to applicants.

2. Provide clear assessment and evaluation methodologies.

3. Demonstrate a clear separation between assessment and consulting activities.

4. Develop an integrated scoring methodology that:

  • Ensures a comprehensive and balanced scoring methodology in respect of each criteria;
  • Ensures that the scoring methodology reflects current best practice in the events industry;
  • Ensures that each Category is scored in a weighted manner to ensure a fair balance between the varying category importance perceptions.

5. Undertake regular certification criteria revisions.


Read the technical specifications


Click here to download the Technical Specifications for Event Certification Schemes.

Click here to download the Technical Interpretation Guide.


If you are interested in registering your certification label with the EGF, please contact