Join us for an immersive workshop to empower event organisers with the knowledge and tools to integrate sustainability practices effectively. Hosted by the Event Greening Forum, this workshop is designed to cater to newcomers and seasoned event industry professionals. Dive into insightful discussions, gain practical tips, and discover strategies to minimise waste and achieve NetZero goals.

Date: 22 May 2024

Time: 9:00 – 10:30

Location: Online Webinar

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Who should attend:

  • New members of the Event Greening Forum seeking foundational knowledge in event sustainability.
  • Event planners, organisers, and managers eager to enhance their understanding of waste management and sustainability practices.
  • Conference and exhibition organizers looking to advance their event greening initiatives and reduce environmental impact.
  • Sustainability enthusiasts interested in learning practical ways to contribute to a greener future.


What you will learn:

  • Gain valuable insights into the basics of event greening and its significance in today’s sustainable landscape.
  • Explore innovative approaches to waste management and learn strategies to minimise environmental impact at events.
  • Connect with industry experts, network with like-minded professionals, and exchange ideas on sustainable event planning.
  • Access practical tools and resources to implement sustainable practices in future events and projects.
  • Contribute to the global movement towards sustainability and positively impact the environment.


The Agenda:

  • Welcome by the Chairperson of the EGF
  • Section 1: Introduction to Event Greening Forum (30 mins)
    • Welcome and Introduction
    • Overview of Event Greening Forum and its mission
    • Foundational principles of event sustainability
  • Section 2: NetZero Focus on Waste Management (60 mins)
    • Understanding types of waste generated at events
    • Principles for Effective Waste Management
    • Strategies to measure environmental impact and achieve NetZero goals
    • Case studies and best practices
    • Q&A


Meet the speakers:

John Arvanitakis, CEO and Founder of Chat’r Xperience is a seasoned expert in sustainable event practices with over 27 years of experience. As deputy chair of the Event Greening Forum, he champions greening initiatives and sustainability in the events industry. John is a notable figure in the event industry, recognized as a net zero carbon event signatory, and recipient of the prestigious EXSA Green Event Award in 2023 for innovative sustainability practices, creativity, and creating memorable experiences while greening. His commitment to sustainability goes beyond accolades; he actively promotes environmental stewardship. John’s philosophy revolves around the belief that every event has the potential to embrace sustainability without compromising quality or creativity.

His leadership and innovative approaches have positioned him as a thought leader in the field, inspiring others to prioritize eco-friendly practices.



Neo Mohlatlole is a dynamic entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio spanning various industries. As the Business Development Director and co-founder of Seven Colors Communications, he spearheads innovative communication solutions, including strategy development, events marketing, and public relations. Recognized internationally for his excellence, Neo was awarded the 2017 UFI Next Generation Leadership grant by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. Within Seven Colors, he initiated the successful Stokvelex exhibition, fostering connections and empowerment within investment and savings clubs, particularly in townships. Neo’s commitment to community and sustainability extends to his role as Vice Chairperson of the Events Greening Forum, where he champions environmentally friendly practices in South Africa’s events sector, contributing to the development of township and rural economies. Additionally, his involvement as a judge for prestigious awards like the 2019 Lillizela awards underscores his dedication to fostering excellence and growth in the industry.



Grace Stead started her career as a town planner in local government, but soon realised the challenges of urban living and shifted across to actively promoting sustainable development through Local Agenda 21. After working for local government for 12 years she decided to start a company that focusses on practical sustainable living, and in 2007 Steadfast Greening was born.

Grace is passionate about project implementation around issues such as event greening, green building, smart living and low emission development in different industries. She is also the MD of Abalimi Bezekhaya, a non-profit urban-farming organization, and co-founded the sustainable consultancy for film, WrapZERO.

She is a skilled facilitator, trainer and public speaker. She is a dedicated hard worker, but loves to travel and enjoy life.