We have made available various resources to promote event greening principles and practices within South Africa.

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Top Tips for Greening:

  • The procurement of goods and services is a critical aspect, so support products and services from local reputable suppliers that use sustainable practices.
  • Reduce, Re-use, Recycle: consider where you can encourage waste reduction throughout the whole process.
  • Ensure that your event has a social advantage, such as giving leftover food to local disadvantaged organisations.
  • Consider incentives for the use of public transport, such as providing free public transport on the day of the event or encourage car sharing.
  • Consider video conferencing or Skype meetings instead of meeting in person.
  • Consider the environmental policy of the venue or accommodation when making your bookings – this will need to be specifically requested.
  • Consider the distance between conference venue and accommodation to reduce the need for additional travel.
  • Encourage the active participation of the delegates or visitors in the greening process through providing information on what they can do.
  • Encourage a ‘green corner‘ at your event that showcases the greening practices and interventions implemented.
  • Monitor, measure, report: ensure that a monitoring and evaluation process is in place to encourage benchmarking and identify lessons learnt.

These were the top ten tips that were identified at a Workshop for the Smart Events Handbook held in Cape Town on 19 January 2010.