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Borena Energy

Borena Energy is a 100% Black female owned, B-BBEE level 1 company. The

company offers grid, off-grid, mobile and portable solar PV solutions and related

services that are context relevant, reliable and impactful.

Our mission is to provide locally relevant and technologically advanced

renewable energy solutions that are reliable, efficient, fitting and benefiting the

communities in which they are used.

We care about ethical business practice, social impact, sustainable livelihoods,

empowerment and partnership. We strive to advance these principles in the

work we do. With these guiding principles, we aspire to join the ranks of leading

renewable energy providers in Africa.

Borena Energy offers this expertise for a variety of products and services as

outlined below:

• PV Developments – Rooftop or Ground

• Portable and Mobile PV Solutions

• Renewable Energy Certificates