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Empowering Sustainable Event Growth: 4Mal Media’s Collaboration with Event Greening Forum and Leading Industry Allies

4Mal Media Management, following its recent acquisition of Meetings magazine, has taken a significant leap forward in the event industry by forging strategic partnerships with nine prominent event industry associations. These associations include AIPC, AAXO, EGF, EXSA, PCO Alliance Network, SAACI, SACIA, SITE Africa, and TEBCO. Director and owner of 4Mal Media, Antois-Leigh Negpen, expressed the company’s honor and excitement about these affiliations.

“We are honored to be affiliated with these professional associations, representing the MICE industry’s full spectrum. Not only will they all contribute invaluable updates and insights from their sector as columns in our bi-monthly Meetings magazine, which is of great value to our readers, but we hope to find other ways to work together and further our shared aim of supporting and enhancing the MICE industry,” says Negpen.

This collaboration brings industry expertise, enriching Meetings magazine with fresh insights and promising mutual growth for all parties involved.

Strengthening the Ties

In addition to partnering with these esteemed associations, 4Mal Media has also joined forces with two leading marketing companies to expand the reach and readership of Meetings magazine: Hospitality Junxtion Alliance and C&L Travel Collection.

Hospitality Junxtion Alliance

Hospitality Junxtion Alliance, with 22 years of experience, is a full-service sales and marketing representation company specializing in promoting venues, hotels, lodges, and event services within the hospitality industry. Their partnership promises to bring Meetings magazine to a broader audience and enhance the visibility of the MICE industry.

C&L Travel Collection

C&L Travel Collection creates and hosts product-specific face-to-face marketing platforms across the country. They facilitate networking, sales, and education by sourcing applicable suppliers and inviting potential buyers to participate in fun educational workshops. Their involvement guarantees a dynamic and engaging approach to expanding Meetings magazine’s reach.

Stay Informed

To read Meetings magazine and other local MICE news online or to subscribe to any of the brand’s associated magazine titles, including The Meetings & Event Planner, The Exhibition Planner, and The Incentive Planner, visit theplannerguru.co.za.

Learn More

To find out more about the associations and their invaluable contributions to the event industry, please visit their respective websites:

To learn more about Hospitality Junxtion Alliance and C&L Travel Collection, please visit their websites:

With these powerful partnerships, 4Mal Media Management sets the stage for a brighter future in the event industry, full of innovation, growth, and exciting opportunities for all involved.