Wacky Bag Story

Elizma Botha is the Wine Route Manager at Robertson and attended the event greening training in Cape Town in 2012.  She is involved in the Wacky Wine Weekend and other events in Robertson, and looked at different ways to implement what she had learnt at the training session.  Here is an inspiring case study from the valley…

The Wacky Wine bag represents the dreams and hard work of many people, but these organisations are worth mentioning:

Khaya Power (www.khayapower.co.za) empowers people in townships all over the Western Cape by offering battery operated businesses – sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? A 5 liter container revamped to fit a 12 volt battery, a DC socket, in the form of a cigarette lighter and it becomes an energy source powered by solar energy. How does this become a business? Fit a shaver with the correct plug, and suddenly you have a barber shop! Or how about selling vouchers to be able to connect to the internet through a wireless router (also powered by the battery)? These are just two examples of how Khaya Power is using their creativity to help people to support themselves.

When Khaya Power needed a strong bag to hold these ‘businesses’, they recycled an old cement bag found on a dumpster and with duct tape, a few pieces of rope and some varnish created an eye catching bag, strong enough to hold the batteries.

On the other hand, we have the Langeberg Doulos Trust, situated in Robertson, who describes their vision as “to provide the homeless with physical and medical care, but also with spiritual growth.” The aim is “…to accommodate these people within their own families where they will get all the care they need, in a loving forgiving, environment.” The bag-project will provide these homeless people with a feeling of self-worth and belonging, which are crucial in their recovery and rehabilitation.

These wonderful organisations were brought together when the Robertson Wine Valley decided that by producing the Wacky Wine Weekend goodie bags in Robertson, unemployed people would have the chance to earn some money, get back on their feet, but also learn a new skill that could possibly employ them even after the 2013 kykNET Wacky Wine Weekend is over.

Then PPC was approached, who was so impressed with the project that they also became involved as sponsor in what was known as the ‘Wacky bag project’.

And so a lovely journey began. We would like to thank YOU for your presence at our festival, which made it possible to employ these people full time for three months! If you REALLY like the bags and would like to order more as gifts to friends and family (or even for bigger functions and conferences), please email manager@robertsonwinevalley.com.

Interesting facts about the bags:
A total of 29 km rope was used, as well as 900 liters of varnish and 29 km duct tape to create 18 000 bags.
PPC supplied 7 pallets of PPC cement bags to convert into the goodie bags.
2000 of these bags were produced by ladies from ‘Time for Change’ in Johannesburg.

Click here for more information about the Event Greening Training around the country.

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