Understanding the AAXO Green Show Awards scoring


If you have organised, or are organising, an exhibition in 2017 that has incorporated sustainable strategies, you can enter it for an AAXO ROAR Award under the Green Show category. This is a great opportunity to showcase your event greening and gain recognition for it!

If your show took place between January and September, your entry needs to be in by 31 October. Shows held from October onwards have 30 days to submit in, and all entries must be in by 15 December.

Applications can be done online – click here to find out more.

To give you a better idea of how each entry is assessed, please refer to the below scorecard. This can also be used as a guideline for planning your future shows, in terms of the key points to address in your planning.

Good luck!

  Category Description


1. Impact:

  • Overall impact of the greening of the show?  Did it actually make a difference?


2. Procurement:

  • Venue: Does the venue have an environmental policy and implement environmental business practices?
  • Infrastructure: Does the infrastructure service provider supply eco-friendly stand options (eg LED lighting, reusable options, eco friendly substrates)?
  • Catering: Did the catering company provide food that has a smaller environmental footprint (e.g. local, seasonal, organic, SASSI approved, vegetarian options, BWI, etc)
  • Are the visitor bags, gifts, decor and entertainment locally procured and eco friendly?
  • If the event is hosted outdoors, where relevant actions taken to ensure that there is no negative impact on the natural environment?


3. Operations: Energy:

  • Was the build-up of the exhibition managed pro-actively, with aircon and lights only switched on when needed?
  •  Have LED lights been provided by the infrastructure service provider?
  • If there are any electrical appliances at the show for common use (TV, fridge, coffee machine) are they energy efficient?
  • Have RECS been purchase or any effort gone into offsetting the electricity used?
  • Are there any statistics available on the amount of energy that was consumed during the show?


4. Operations: Waste:

  • How is waste being minimised during the event?
  • How are items being reused or recycled?
  • How was waste minimised during the set-up and break-down of the show?
  • Have suitable waste management options been implemented for the duration of the show?  Provide examples of what was done:
    • Organic waste to Bokhashi or composting
    • Recyclable items being recycled
    • Reuse of items where possible
  • Are there any statistics available on the amount of waste diverted from landfill for recycling or composting?


5. Operations: Water:

  • How is water being conserved during the show?


6. Transport:

  • What was done to reduce the need for transport during the set-up of the show?
  • What was done to reduce the need for staff travelling to the hosting of the show?
  • What was done to reduce the need for delegates to travel to attend the show?


7. Social impact:

  • What was done to link to any social initiative?
  • Does the show have any benefit to the local community?


8. Communication:

  • What was done to communicate to delegates what you have done to green your show?
  • Are staff aware of the greening of the show and can they answer questions as outlined here?


9. Policy and monitoring:

  • Is there a clear guideline or policy from the client around the greening of their show, or is it just once off?
  • Is there any measurement around the impact of the show and can it be compared to previous years?
  • Was the show audited by a third party to verify the findings and has the report been made available publicly?


10. Innovation:

  • Any innovation that deserves additional points not covered above.




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