The Event Greening Forum forms strategic partnership with the Association of African Exhibition Organisers

Exhibition  and event organisers  play a key role in the creation of sustainable exhibitions and events. The Event Greening Forum (EGF) is excited to have formed a strategic partnership with the Association of African Exhibition Organisers (AAXO).

“This partnership is crucial because with AAXO and its members driving sustainable exhibitions, it will become much easier for the EGF to achieve its goals and objectives,” says Justin Hawes, EGF Chairman.

Events are, by their very nature, high impact and temporary with both positive and negative social, environmental and economic impact.

The overall principle of sustainable eventing is the implementation of responsible living practices, which includes ensuring a balance between environmental protection, social development and economic benefit. This “triple bottom line” should be practiced to promote equality, participation and education on local communities, and to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Organisers regulate and control the information which is circulated to the exhibitors, suppliers, partners and sponsors. Being the first point of contact they are able to implement and monitor strategies before, during and after the exhibition.

AAXO’s aim is to promote the exhibition industry, encourage people to invest and participate in exhibitions, and give its members the tools and resources to run successful exhibitions. AAXO has the expertise to deal with the unique challenges faced by organisers, giving them a powerful and credible voice by representing all its members with honesty and integrity, and providing them with guidance and leadership.

Earlier this year the EGF launched the Sustainable Events Minimum Standards which will ensure that suppliers, venues and organisers alike are able to incorporate sustainable practices into events, applying international standards.

The EGF’s objective is to raise awareness and promote training opportunities, to provide a platform for sharing information and best practice around sustainable event principles, and to pave the way for the implementation of the Sustainable Events Minimum Standards within the events industry.

Together the EGF and AAXO can play a powerful role in the exhibition industry and will assist in promoting more sustainable practices in the exhibition industry.

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