The EGF has appointed the University of Pretoria to conduct research


The Event Greening Forum has appointed the University of Pretoria to conduct research on the use, re-use and recycling practices of custom-built wood-based exhibition stands in South Africa and abroad.
Read the article on why the EGF is doing this research.
The research objectives of this study are:
  1. Determine international waste management practices for wood-based exhibition stands;
  2. Determine extent of custom-built stand production in South African exhibition industry;
  3. Describe the wood types and weight used annually in the South African industry;
  4. List, describe and assess the re-use or recycling practices currently in place to dispose of custom-built wood based exhibition stands.
  5. Determine the factors that impact on the disposal decision.
The research will also present best practice recommendations on how to use this resource more responsibly, both for constructing and using exhibition stands, and once it has become what is traditionally viewed as waste.
Thank you to the following companies, for sponsoring this research:
African Graphix, bluCube, Inspire Furniture Rentals, New World & Scan Display

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