Please participate in our research – and help us create a more sustainable industry!

The Event Greening Forum has contracted the University of Pretoria to conduct research into the use of wood and wood products in the exhibition industry (read the announcement here). As part of this research, we need you to participate and share your experience and knowledge of this subject. You can do this by completing the appropriate survey below. It should take roughly 13 minutes.
Thank you in advance for your time and contribution! You are helping us to create a more sustainable events industry.


Dear Research Participant
The Event Greening Forum, together with the University of Pretoria, is undertaking a study to understand the challenges and the status quo of the waste management of wood-based exhibition stands.
Please assist us by completing this survey, it should take about 13 minutes. You can also request a call-back on the first page of the survey if you would prefer the survey to be conducted telephonically.
We are contacting various role players, please select the questionnaire most appropriate to your role in the events and exhibition industry.
Follow this link to the appropriate survey:
Venues: Venues
Event Organisers: Event Organisers
Stand builders/contractors: Stand Builders
Event Waste management: Waste Mangement
For more information on this study, please download the UP informed consent letter for more detail.
Please note that participation is confidential and no information identifying either the venue or the individual answering the questionnaire will be made available to the public.
Kind regards,
The UP research team
Feel free to contact the researcher on this project, Dr. Mathilda du Preez, on +27 83 657 7007 or should you have any questions.
On behalf of the University of Pretoria.


Thank you also to the following companies, for sponsoring this research:
African Graphix, bluCube, Inspire Furniture Rentals, New World & Scan Display

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