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Q. How do we make more convenient channels for people to recycle unavoidable waste? People may want to recycle but not know how, and if how they recycle is correct.
The trick to a successful recycling set-up at your event is to make it as easy as possible to use. Some tips include:
  • Have bins well positioned throughout the venue, so they are easily accessible everywhere.
  • Ensure you cater for all types of waste wherever there are bins. For example, if you have waste and recycling, these two bins should always be paired next to each other. If you have different bins for the different types of recycling (e.g. paper, tin, glass, plastic) or organic waste, all of these bins must always be placed next to each other. This helps to prevent the wrong waste going in the wrong bin.
  • Clearly identify the type of waste that should go in a bin. Simple, bold labels close to eye-level work well, as does colour coding the bins for each type of waste being collected. You can also include image examples of the types of waste that belong in a bin.
  • A suggestion put forward at our EGF 2019 Conference was to have waste ambassadors to help attendees use the bins correctly. These staff would need to be able to answer questions and help educate attendees on the different types of waste, as well as why recycling and composting are important.
  • You could also include information on your event website or app on why responsible waste management is critical to the sustainability of your event, and how you are achieving this.


Extra resources
If you would like to find out more about what materials are recycled in South Africa, click here to download Treevolution’s 2018 Recycling Guide for free.


This question was posed at our recent 2019 Conference. Read more Q&A’s from the Conference here and here, and look out for more to come.
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