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Q. What can guests do to calculate and reduce their carbon footprint from travel (flights) to and from events? How do we help guests reduce this?
Event attendees can have a huge impact on the event’s carbon footprint, so it’s a great idea to educate them to make more responsible choices.
For flights, encourage your attendees to fly economy class, take the most direct route and pack light. All of these actions lower their travel-related carbon footprint.
You can also ask them to consider offsetting these unavoidable emissions, and partner with a project that they can do this through. The Southern African Tourism Services Association (SATSA) recently launched a campaign encouraging international delegates to plant spekboom when they fly to South Africa. One hectare of this hardy indigenous succulent can absorb four tons of carbon dioxide in a year, which means it outperforms the Amazon rainforest in this regard.
In terms of other forms of travel, organisers can recommend the best public transport options (and possibly arrange discounts or complimentary tickets for attendees), offer a complimentary event shuttle service, or promote lift sharing. Choosing a centrally located venue also helps to decrease the distances your attendees travel to your event.


Extra resources
Meet Green has developed an event app which helps attendees see how their choices contribute to their carbon footprint. Take a look at it for more ideas, and consider sharing it for your next event: myeventfootprint.com/app/


This question was posed at our recent 2019 Conference. Read another Q&A from the Conference here, and look out for more to come.
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