Earth Probiotic will again manage Meetings Africa 2018 food waste

Earth Probiotic logoFrom 26-28 February 2018, Earth Probiotic, a leader in food waste management solutions will again be present at the Meetings Africa 2018 exhibition held at Sandton Convention Centre, managing their food waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

Karen Heron, co-founder says, “We have been recycling the food waste generated at Meetings Africa since 2015. As a result we have successfully composted more than 2,5 tons of food waste and compostable food packaging, thus saving more than 850kg of carbon emissions.

“With Earth Probiotic’s onsite composting solutions we take control of your food waste and eliminate risk,” says Heron. The on-site solution ensures that no 3rd party issues impact on waste problems. Food waste can represent up to 60% of your general waste volume. Composting this on-site eliminates this cost and high waste inflation risks.

A variety of composting machines are locally designed and manufactured by Earth Probiotic  which can scale to industrial scale food waste volumes. All food waste is recycled including fish, bones, meat, dairy, cooked food, egg shells and compostable food packaging, into a nutrient rich soil.

When food waste or any organic material is dumped to a landfill, it has dire environmental consequences. Organic waste rots in landfills, produces methane (and other dangerous green house gases), contaminates underground water and provides a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria.

“Sustainability or green practices are no longer a nice to have; a little feel good activity. They are essential practices in a world that is increasingly at risk and where climate change is a reality,” concludes Heron.

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