Membership Application:

The following process is followed for new members:

  1. The following documentation needs to be submitted to the EGF:
    • Application form, which can be done on-line (below);
    • Code of conduct to be signed by all members;
    • Code of ethics to be signed by corporate, supplier and professional service provider members.
  2. This documentation will be reviewed by the membership team and they might require additional information or documentation.
  3. Once this has been reviewed an invoice will be sent for you for membership. New members will need to send through proof of payment.
  4. Your membership will be ratified by the management committee at a general meeting held monthly.
  5. You will then receive your welcome pack with your certificate, guidelines for use of the logo and additional information.
  6. Your details will be included onto the membership database and EGF website.
  7. You will receive a reminder of when the next annual membership payment will be due.


Also please note the following with regards to application and payment:

  • Documentation should be sent to or faxed to 086 245 3514.
  • Bank details for the EGF will be provided on the invoice sent to you.
  • Membership is paid per calendar year, valid from 1 January to 31 December.
  • New membership fees are pro rata quarterly, and those received after 1 October have the option to be valid for the following year.
  • Applicants who are a member of EXSA, SAACI, SATSA, Fedhasa, MICE Academy, IFEA Africa,  TPSA or SARA are legible for a discount: 20% off individual membership and 10% off all other forms of membership. Terms and conditions apply.

Should you have any questions about membership, please contact Lynn on or 082 891 5883 for assistance.

The various documents can be downloaded here:
  • Download Code of Conduct here (279KB).
  • Download Code of Ethics here (293KB).

Note that while members don’t need to comply with all the requirements below when joining, ongoing improvement is required.


Member - 2400 ZAR per 1 year - Ongoing.
Corporate subscription
Member - 2400 ZAR per 1 year - Ongoing.
Public Sector subscription
Member - 2400 ZAR per 1 year - Ongoing.
Supplier subscription
Member - 2400 ZAR per 1 year - Ongoing.
Professional Service Provider subscription
Member - 1200 ZAR per 1 year - Ongoing.
Individual subscription
Member - 300 ZAR per 1 year - Ongoing.
Student subscription
I hereby confirm that I am duly authorised to submit this form and that all the information is correct according to my knowledge.