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The University of Pretoria’s Division Tourism Management within the Department of Marketing Management (Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences) directs its efforts towards postgraduate students which consist of the Honours, Masters and Doctoral programmes. Local and international students, from divergent disciplines, with an interest in pursuing a field of study within tourism can apply for any of the postgraduate programmes, if they are eligible to do so. Our students are our main focus. They are exposed to academic programmes and content covering all the important sectors of the tourism industry.

The Division has distinguished itself in the academic environment in South Africa through its research on destination marketing, ecotourism, sports tourism, hospitality and travel incorporating the fields of air transport in tourism, business travel, tourism distribution and eTourism. The sound academic foundation is supported by industry exposure through close cooperative agreements. The Department arranges for industry experts to deliver guest lectures on a regular basis to give students insight and a general feel for what the industry expects of them. Workshop are also offered to all students. On honours level, students experience the real-life challenge of an educational excursion, nationally or internationally, to do a destination competitiveness analysis. This involves intense research, a visit to the destination and a comprehensive written report on the project.

The Division has also built up a strong reputation in research and through its collaboration with the academic, public and private sectors has a substantial research portfolio. The research focus of the Division has two main components. In support of South Africa’s bid to achieve competitiveness as a responsible tourist destination, research has started to consolidate under the overriding theme of tourism competitiveness. The Division has been collaborating with the Department of Tourism on research projects along with bursary funding as part of a Memorandum of Understanding agreement since 2012. It also has an MoU with SANParks to conduct research for the institution and avail research related opportunities to students. In terms of academic institutions, the Division has an MoU with the University of Oulu (Finland) along with the South-South Student Mobility Programme. Our partnership with the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Finland and the NHTV University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands has seen the establishment of an ongoing research project on the future of travel management companies in South Africa, Finland and the Netherlands. Staff members from the Division are undertaking a research study in collaboration with Murdoch University in Australia and North West University on “Understanding sustainable tourism development and responsible tourism practices in the Kruger National Park.”. The Division also has a MOC with Eberswalde University of Sustainable Development (Germany).

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