A Greener Festival

A Greener Festival is

“a not-for-profit company committed to helping music and arts events and festivals around the world adopt environmentally efficient practices.”

They provide information, education resources and facilitate the exchange of good ideas. Their website provides information about how environmentally efficient methods are currently being employed at music and arts festivals and how the impact of festivals on the environment can be limited at future events. They hope to do this by building an exchange of the best ideas from greener festivals around the world.

A Greener Festival Award:

A Greener Festival Award was set up in 2007 and has been growing each year. For a very small fee to cover our expenses, A Greener Festival will send an auditor to your festival to assess what measures you are taking to make your festival as green as possible.

Why apply?

“Aside from the publicity gained from being part of the awards scheme, our award sponsors, Robertson Taylor, offer insurance discounts for festivals with the Greener Festival Award.”

Partnership Agreement between EGF and A Greener Festival:

The Event Greening Forum has signed a collaborative agreement with UK-based organisation A Greener Festival (AGF), to promote its AGF Awards to the South African music festival and outdoor events market.

These awards were launched in 2006 and have now been successfully implemented in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and Australia.  Rocking the Daisies was the first South African music festival to be acknowledged by the awards with a Highly Recommended Award.

The Event Greening Forum will be the local representative for AGF, promoting the awards and their judging criteria to the South African industry.  The South African award applications will be administered locally by the Event Greening Forum and judged by the AGF committee based in the UK. The Event Greening Forum will also gain access to AGF’s intellectual property and materials, which will benefit local Event Greening Forum members.

The purpose of the Event Greening Forum is to promote sustainable event practices in South Africa. Thus far it has focused on the business events sector. The collaboration with the AGF signals a move into public events like outdoor music festivals.

Want to get involved?


The award process will be handled in South Africa by the Event Greening Forum and the steps can be outlined as follows:

  • The festival needs to confirm intention to apply and pay the application fee at least one month prior to their event;
  • An independent assessor is appointed – usually two passes will be allocated by the event;
  • The independent assessor visits the event and then prepares the independent report;
  • The festival submits their self-assessment and supporting documents within two months after the event;
  • The assessor submits their report and all supporting documentation they have received within two months after the event;
  • The Awards Committee meets during the year to confirm Awards.

Festivals that would like to indicate their intention to apply can do so here.
Alternatively relevant documents can be emailed to interested parties.

Independent assessors:

With festivals happening all around the country we are looking for a team of independent assessors.  If you want to get involved, then please fill in the application form and provide us with some details about your interest and experience. When we receive applications we will contact potential assessors to check on their availability and confirm the contract agreements.

Please note that although assessors are voluntary, we will be able to cover some direct costs.

General co-ordination:

Because all the work is done with volunteers, we are always looking for an extra pair of hands to help out.
Please contact us if you would like to get more involved in promoting greener festivals in South Africa.