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Beware of greenwashing

These days everyone is ‘going green’ and claiming to be ‘green’ or have sustainable initiatives in their businesses and events. However, many of these initiatives are intended simply to make the company appear sustainable, and this undermines the real meaning and value of sustainability. Unpacking the term Everyone has heard of the term whitewashin
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Sustainable initiatives at Meetings Africa

Meetings Africa is regarded as one of the most sustainable shows in the exhibition industry and it continues to build on its greening strategies each year. With Meetings Africa 2016 having recently taken place, the Event Greening Forum thought it would be worthwhile to highlight a few of the successful initiatives that have been implemented at the
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Raising the bar for sustainable events in 2016

By: Greg McManus In early 2015, a ‘green’ event was essentially whatever an organiser or a client wanted it to be, largely as a result of a lack of industry-wide standards to ensure a common interpretation and guide for more sustainable events, meetings and conferences. The introduction of the ISO 20121:2012 standard for green events seemed to focu
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